Boston Museum School of Fine Arts 1976-1977
AIX en PROVENCE Painting Program
Maryland Institute BFA 1980

My life long interest in painting began in early childhood attending the Bryn Mawr School, where creativity was encouraged. I attended Hobart William Smith Colleges for one year but decided to commit to an art college rather than a liberal arts program and transferred to the Boston Museum School for two years. While there, my family moved to Brussels, Belgium for three years. During my summer visits, I had the benefit of traveling throughout Europe and seeing many museum collections first hand. I also benefited from a number of European painting programs. I then transferred to the Maryland Institute and graduated in 1980. I had a few jobs related to the arts including a gallery position, settled down and married an art dealer who is a works on paper dealer, and had two children.

I always painted plein air when our children were growing up, especially enjoying Maine and the Maryland countryside. I now am a full-time painter and maintain a studio in The Mill Centre, Baltimore but mostly prefer to paint on location. I love to paint on Monhegan Island, Mount Desert Island, New Mexico and Maryland. I am influenced by the artists Arthur Wesley Dow, Fairfield Porter, Wayne Thiebaud, Neil Welliver, Edouard Vulliard and Henri Matisse. I am most attracted to places in nature where light is creating abstract shapes, and color is creating a mood. Capturing fleeting light is always a challenge, and a thrill when occasionally it works in a painting!When painting, or even seeing that spot that pulled my attention, I am drawn to unexpected movements of light and beauty.

Valley Planning Council Exhibits 2005 – present
(received award in 2015 and 2017)
Plein Air Easton 2008
(winning best Maryland artist award)
Bishops Stock Gallery, Snow Hill ,MD 2008
Gunpowder Falls exhibits 2008, 2009
Gibson Island Exhibit 2009
Bryn Mawr School landscape show 2010
Circle Gallery Annapolis 2010
Carroll County Arts landscape show 2011
Crystol Moll Gallery group landscape show 2011
American Painting Gallery,DC Dec-Jan,2012
Cylburn Arboretum biannual "Celebration of Ar" exhibition 2012 – present
(highest painting award in 2012)
McBride Gallery 2015
Peale Center Cityscape exhibition 2015
Paint Snow Hill 2008 – present
Camden Falls Gallery in Camden Maine 2014 – present
Annie Gould Gallery in Gordonsville, VA – present

A featured artist in the 2015 book 100 Plein Air Painters of the Mid-Atlantic by Gary Pendleton

In personal collections in Vermont, Maine, Boston, Seattle, New York, Maryland, New Mexico, Belgium